In recognition of holistic employer qualities

LEADING EMPLOYERS is the world's most comprehensive evaluation system for employer qualities of its kind.

The study is based on millions of freely available data and translates a wide range of quality criteria into a holistic view. 


How can you tell if an employer REALLY is excellent?

TOP 1 %

In a multi step process, tens of thousands of organisations across all industries and regions have been examined. Exclusively their TOP 1% has been able to qualify for the LEADING EMPLOYER status.

Holistic approach

The comprehensive study translates a wide range of

quality criteria and labels

- each focussing on a specific perspective - into a unique and holistic view of

employer qualities.

Big Data

The in-depth analysis is based

on tens of millions of meta data obtained from freely available secondary sources.

The study's independence from customers and sponsors underlines its neutrality.

Watch the video and understand the award in less than 2 minutes: 



Your package

As a qualified

LEADING EMPLOYER, you can benefit from an extensive package of services including your study results, print and online media presence, glass trophy, certificate and much more.

For us, an organisation either is


is not. We therefore publish an alphabetised list without ranks. A LEADING EMPLOYER seal with your own rank is available on request.


As a qualified

LEADING EMPLOYER, you may use the respective title and certification mark from the time of your booking immediately and for a full 12 + 1 month on all communication channels. 

The core of the study

As a meta-analysis that adopts a holistic approach all aspects that are important to employees are examined.

In addition to employee offerings and employee satisfaction, other crucial factors are included in the study,

going well beyond the common standards of employer branding measures.

As an independent examination LEADING EMPLOYERS is not affiliated with any of the sources.

Click here to see the full list of sources use for the LEADING EMPLOYERS study 2019: www.leading-employers.org/sources

In order to ensure a maximum dispersion of the reference criteria and a minimum risk of individual measurement errors, 

the portfolio of sources and a possible inclusion of additional sources for the study are reviewed regularly.

We strive to ensure that the results are as reliable as possible for both employees and employers.

Would you like certain additional sources to be taken into account? Please let us know.


How is the examination conducted?

Data collection

Data is collected manually and automatically supported by automated tools (i.e. crawlers, bots, extractors). In both cases, regular checks are carried out in order to ensure data accuracy and integrity.

Equality of chances

With the size of an organisation, employee programmes also tend to increase. To ensure fairness towards all employers, we set certain types of indicators in relation to the number of employees. 

Passing score

The threshold that determines whether an organisation meets the required criteria for begin a LEADING EMPLOYER is at

77.5% of the maximum possible score - significantly higher than in other studies.


How does the scoring system work?

Evaluation matrix

The study's scoring model sees each source linked to an 

individual depth and 

concomitant value. Current and historical values, as well as the quality and quantity of results are taken into account.

Bonus points

Bonus points are rewarded in two dimensions: The degree of diversity of the categories in which an organisation has shown positive activities, as well as particularly good results per individual source.


Minus points are assigned for each negative finding. Depending on its weight, one finding may lead up to 

disqualification from the award as a whole. For 2018, about 150 organisations were affected. 


Advisory Board

   Dennis Utter

   Prof. Dr.

   Volker Nürnberg


   Jens Otte

   Prof. Dr.

   Philipp Riehm

The former Global Business Director of the leading international HR certifier, Top Employers Institute, knows the employer branding market very well. Dennis began his career with a dual degree in business administration in the German OTTO Group before successfully managing the 360° Group as Co-Founder and Managing Director. As a Member of the Board he assumed overall responsibility for the newly formed Halimos AG consulting firm. Dennis was Senator at the European Economic Senate for almost three years. Most recently he worked as an interim manager for the renowned ZEIT publishinghouse in Hamburg. Since 2018 he has been a member of our Advisory Board in the position of the Chairman.

Prof. Dr. Volker Nürnberg has a degree in economics with a minor in psychology. For more than 15 years he has been dealing with all facets of occupational health management and the digitalisation of the world of work. As Managing Director at AOK and BKK, he implemented company health concepts for the statutory health insurance funds before taking over the management of the Health Management division at the international consultancy Mercer. Since 2017 he has been a partner and head of the health economics department at the auditing and consulting company BDO.

He also teaches HR topics at various universities (including FOM and TUM), internationally. The press likes to call him the 'BGM Pope'.

As a Business Economist and Sociologist, Jens has many years of expertise in the development of new media concepts, business areas and business models of digital platforms and of the introduction of IT software as well as in the development of content marketing agencies in various companies. He deals intensively with the progress and change of Network Economics, the implications for organisations, their transformation and effects for the individual. He was Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of the ZEIT publishing house, Managing Director of Haufe Discovery and before that Director Marketing, Sales & Business Development at Vogel Business Media. In 2018 he founded the consulting firm GRADLINIG.

Since 2009, Philipp Riehm has been Professor of Media Management at Macromedia University in Germany. In addition to communication and marketing topics, his focus is on digital business models and entrepreneurship. On top of his professorship, Philipp Riehm works as a systemic coach for executives and as an expert speaker for digital marketing and leadership in the Google-certified Squared Online Programme. Born in Münster, Germany, the Sociologist, Communication Scientist and Psychologist began his professional career in Cologne, where he worked as Program Planner at the television channel VOX and later as Media Manager at SUPER RTL.


On another note

Data protection

Based in Germany, we are fully commited to strict European data protection regulations. At any time you can view and/or request deletion of you aggregated data, both as a person and an organisation.

Did you know? 

The UN Statistical Commission has officially declared the 20th of October the 'World Statistic Day'. For us, as lovers of accurate data this is a very special day and course for celebration. 

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