As an awarded LEADING EMPLOYER 2022, Apollo is among the TOP 1% of German employers.

In its kind, LEADING EMPLOYERS is the most comprehensive assessment of employer qualities. It is an independently conducted study based on millions of metadata. In total, more than 160,000 companies were included in the research.

The meta-analysis focuses on a holistic approach: not only certain perspectives or key topics are included in the employer evaluation, but rather the big picture, which is the key to identifying an outstanding employer. This comprises of employee satisfaction, working conditions, understanding of values, environmental awareness, reputation and much more.

Our staff and search robots undertake research, collect information and compile millions of data records from studies, statistics, review portals and reports. All sources used in the survey can be viewed publicly and transparently. Further details on the process and methodology are explained in the following short video.

“The shortage of skilled workers also presents us with major challenges at Apollo. Once the right employees have been recruited, the task is to inspire them and retain them in the company. That we are already doing a lot right here is not only demonstrated by our regular internal surveys, but also by our latest LEADING EMPLOYER award. A great confirmation, but at the same time also an incentive for us to further expand our strengths as an attractive employer. We work on that every day!”

Jan Schüler picture

Jan Schüler

Director People & Culture Germany & Austria